GBK's 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards Gift Lounge

It's so hard to believe that it's already August. It's even harder to believe that September is right around the corner and with that brings the Emmy Awards Gift Lounge. I've been so excited up until now. I started packing all my bags and my display piece up to send off to California and it struck me just how real this is. It's 46 days away! Seeing the amazing nominee list had butterflies in my stomach (what if some amazing actress like Melissa McCarthy or Betty White likes my stationery or some stud like Hugh Laurie or Timothy Olyphant just looks at them for a slit second before tossing them out...) BIG butterflies!

Sadly I can say, without a doubt, that none of us will be heartbroken to get these bags out of the house. Marie and Martini will be very happy to not be banned from any room that I happen to be storing them in and Will is going to be happy that I'm not constantly cursing because I'm tediously pinning Fancy Designs pins onto bags.

I can't say enough how thankful I am for The Artisan Group. Thank you so much Valerie and Nikki for having faith in me. And of course, thanks to GBK Productions and their amazing gift lounges! Without them none of this would be possible!

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