The End Is Sweet

A year ago if you had asked me if I thought my silly little business would become successful, I would have told you probably not. Had you asked me if I thought my products would make it into the hands of celebrities at a celebrity gifting suite hosted by GBK Productions, I would have thought you were crazy. It's amazing what a little hard work, determination, and a can do attitude can get you. Of course, I didn't accomplish any of this all by myself. If it wasn't for Valerie Guerrero, Nikki Cutro, The Artisan Group & Gavin B. Keilly, none of this would have been possible. If my business flopped tomorrow, I'd be the happiest person because this year has been one of the craziest, busiest and most nerve wracking of my entire life. Every paper cut and freak out was well worth it.

(The extremely handsome Wes Ramsey from The Playboy Club and the very funny Zach Woods from The Office with our iPhone 4 case.)

I have so many plans for the future of Fancy Designs and myself and I wouldn't be making these plans without the support of such an amazing organization and such terrific members.

Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures from the terrific event here!

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