Emmy One Wanna Help?

After packaging my stationery into the cello-bags, I realized that I forgot one key component. THE ENVELOPES! I thought, this will be a breeze! Order some envelopes, pop them in the bags and you're done. Little did I know that I would order the envelopes and they wouldn't arrive for another 3+ weeks due to flooding. Then I encountered the first hurdle.

The envelopes are SPECKLED. No where in the description did they say "speckled." The brand might be Stardust but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are sprinkling dust into the envelopes...apparently it does though. All I could think is who can I pawn these off on and where can I order some more? After spending many, and I mean MANY, hours starring at the speckles, I realized the speckles actually contain the same colors that my stationery designs have (can I pretend like I planned that?) The more I looked at them, the more I liked them, so I decided to keep them!

Now I come to hurdle number two (have I ever mentioned I'm not a very good jumper?) The envelopes arrive but I don't immediately get to work on stuffing because I've already sent my Emmy's prep to my mom's house incase of flooding. That means I was given two weeks to broad about how I was going to package this up in the end. In my head, I no longer liked the placement of the stationery. I didn't like the one I picked to be front and center so I knew I had to change it, which meant a trip to my mom's house to bring all my stuff back here.

After I changed the placement, I got excited! It was time for the "fun" part. Boy was I wrong. There is nothing fun about stuffing 500 envelopes into 100 cell-o bags, as I am learning. In two days I am literally only 20 bags in and at this pace, I'm never going to get them done!

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