The Day Designer | Designed by Whitney English

Since before I even started my business, I knew I needed a way to organize myself. I am famous for having sticky notes covering my computer screen, on the wall, on the printer, on my mouse, just anywhere. It isn't organized but I've learned to live through the chaos and to decode it. I'll have 16 notebooks scattered with ideas, to-do lists, marketing strategies, and my client information. Again, it's not ideal, no one else in the world could make sense of it, but I made it work. You quickly learn that in business, you need order to be efficient. My biggest problem was, I could not find a way to bring complete order to my business. I bought Moleskine planners, I looked into fancy, pretty planners that lacked functionality (but boy, were they pretty and popular), and I even looked into designing a planner myself. Nothing worked. I ended up with a super cheap planner that I basically altered to fit my needs (and it was 5 times thicker due to my sticky notes.)