Stylish Free Font Guide

Whether you're looking to spice up your branding, make some cute graphics, or just have a little fun with fonts, we know that not everyone has a budget to pay for those ultra nifty typefaces. I love to find stylish and hip fonts that you can enjoy for free! If you have a particular style you might like to see in a future feature, please let me know!

Branding to Attract Clients and Grow Your Business

We live in a time of rushing. Rushing around, rush shipping, we've become so impatient that we won't order something if it's not guaranteed next day. That mindset carries over into everything; Eating out – what's quickest? Traveling – which route gets me there fastest? Branding – will I have this tomorrow? We're in such a rush that we forget the most important part – quality! Sure you might get the gift you ordered on Amazon next day, but is it really on par with a handmade gift you could have purchased from an Artisan on Etsy? We've subjected ourselves to the rush mentality for so long, maybe we've forgotten that quality is important. People respond to quality; they notice it, they appreciate it, quality is what makes your brand stand out.

52 Week Savings Challenge

Did you know the average person spends over $40 a day eating out? That can add up to over $200 in spendings during the work week. Imagine if you ate breakfast at home and brought your lunch with you just one day during the week. That's $40 you could put towards savings. $40 for 52 weeks would add up to $2080. Who wouldn't like to look at their savings at the end of the year and see they had saved over $2000, just by making one small change during the week?