REMBRANDT® Deeply White Mouthwash Review

I'm a woman 20+ years of age. Like most of us, I've tried strips, toothpaste, and mouthwash that all boast that they will whiten your teeth the fastest. Want to know a secret? Most of them don't work and the ones that do only seem to work on a temporary basis. Still, I'm a sucker for good packaging, especially when it promises something like "whitens teeth" and "strengthens enamel." And the packaging for the REMBRANDT® Deeply White Mouthwash is exactly what got me to purchase it. The product, like so many others, claimed to have a minty fresh taste (which is usually code for tastes more like mint flavored bleach product.) I was pleasantly surprised the first night I tested it out. It has a really mild and minty flavor, which made me a bit skeptical. If this doesn't taste like it's basically eroding the coffee/tea stains, and maybe my teeth off, how can it be working? My skepticism aside, within 4 days of use, I noticed a big difference (especially on my front teeth.) I think on a scale from white to meth user, my teeth have never been the worst, but they definitely don't always look pearly white (the product of 2+ cups of coffee/tea a day). Immediately I could see where my teeth were starting to brighten up. [Insert happy girl dance here]

My Before & After

(I probably should have worn the same color lipstick for both shots, but you can still see the difference.
The after was taken 5 days into using the product.)

So, the verdict is...I think this product is a steal at $7.49. I've paid that for toothpaste that didn't work and I've paid three times as much for strips that just made my teeth feel like they were going to fall out. I think this is a must have in your bathroom. I'm anxious to try out there toothpaste as well as their 2 hour whitening kit.
Have you tried this product? What whitening products have you found that work best for you?
This review is based solely on my opinions. This product was not sent to me by REMBRANDT®, I purchased it locally.

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