Turing Your Logo Into A Photoshop Brush

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "How do I use my logo as a brush in photoshop?" It's a pretty simple concept, but it may be confusing for beginners, so I wanted to create a quick tutorial on how to do that, and how to export your new brush/ABR file from Photoshop.

First things first, lets open our logo file. I went ahead and merged the PSD for the logo. (Be sure to the logo format you open has a transparent background; PSD, PDF, PNG, etc.) JPG formats will not work well. You will have a white background on your brush.

Now that we have our logo file open, we can create a Photoshop Brush. Edit > Define Brush Preset.

THAT'S IT! Your logo is now a brush. You can find it in your brush presets. Select a foreground color; I went with white. Now you can stamp your logo onto your photos. This will apply a transparent version of your logo over your photo. (You can use whatever color you prefer. White worked best here.)

Here's how it looks!

Now to export your ABR file. This will be useful if you want to save it with your logo files to an external hard drive or your Dropbox account.

Brush > Brush Presets > Preset Manager > Select Your Logo Brush > Save Set > Save to your desired folder

Now you're all set! This method will also work for creating any brushes you may want to share!

Photography © Ana Palafox Photography of Bakersfield, California

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