Our Wedding | The Wedding Party

Some people think the food, the cake, and the free liquor make for a great wedding. Others think the bigger the dress, the more expensive the decor, the better the wedding. I think the wedding party really makes the wedding. And did we have a wedding party! The groomsmen are some total clowns and trust me when I say that the girls can hang with them...every step of the way! Our wedding party, our family, and our friends really made our wedding something special. People are still telling us that our wedding was the funnest wedding they had ever been to (coupled by that they wish they could still be eating the cake and brisket.)

My bridesmaids looked absolutely gorgeous, our miniature bride was beautiful, and our flower girl was the cutest in her ruffled romper and boots. I think she stole the show on multiple occasions, but she ran a tight race with those groomsmen, our miniature groom, and our ring bearer because all I heard all night was how handsome those cowboys were (and they were!)

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