Our Wedding | Getting Ready

We passed the two months married mark while we were on vacation in Biloxi. When you've been with someone for nearly nine years, two months doesn't seem like that long. It use to be people asked us constantly, "When are you two getting married?" Now they ask us, "Does it feel different?" (followed by, "When are you two going to have a baby?") To avoid the latter subject altogether, I'd say it doesn't feel much different at all. Legally it's different, but that's about it. We are still crazy...and crazy about each other. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that we are bonded forever by something as beautiful as marriage, but I don't think it's changed us at all.

Since I felt like our wedding was over in a flash, I want to do individual posts that highlight each step of that day. That beautiful April day! I remember watching the weather for a month before our wedding and being so filled with happiness that we had clear skies up until the night before our wedding. The weather report called for showers all day. I was devastated. We had a back-up plan but it definitely wasn't what we wanted. Moments before my dress went on, I looked outside and saw a light drizzle had begun. My eyes started to mimic that light drizzle. Everyone kept telling me it would be fine, it would pass. The rain did pass and the light drizzle didn't effect anything. I felt like it was just our tiny bit of good luck on such a wonderful day (because they do say rain on your wedding day means good luck.) I'm thankful we didn't get a torrential downpour of good luck that day :)
Getting ready for the wedding was a lot of fun. Mimosas, girlfriends, family, hair, makeup...what girl doesn't enjoy that? Add in a fancy dress and you could sell tickets to an event like that!

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