Christmas Shopping | For the Mr.

I cannot believe it's November. No, really! I live in Louisiana and just yesterday I had the air conditioner on. Are we SURE it's November? The calendar swears it's so, which means I'm WAY behind on my Christmas shopping! [Insert stress here.]

Couple the general anxiety that comes along for Christmas shopping with the fact that not one male between our two families, my husband's and mine, ever has any clue what they would want/need/like. All year long my husband sees things and always "needs" them. When Christmas comes and I ask him what it is he would like...then he's stumped. I'm super easy to buy a gift for. I love kitchen gadgets, I love handmade, I drink. You hit up William Sonoma, Etsy, or the liquor store, and you're all set to make me a happy camper! Why men, why must you be so difficult?

Since I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there who ends up stumped as to what's a good gift for the fellas, I've curated a list of perfect gifts for those perfect men in our lives.

One Wooden Six Pack Carrier
| Two Hooked On You Lure
Three Zombie Repellant Soap | Four Leather Passport Cover
For more ideas visit our Etsy treasury here!

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