Our Wedding | First Look

When we first met with our photographer, she touched on the subject of "First Look" sessions. I'm an emotional person. I cry if a cartoon fly gets squashed. I knew I was going to cry and this seemed like the perfect way to get some of the tears out of the way.

The strangest thing seemed to happen to me when I walked out to go meet my soon to be husband. I froze, I didn't cry, I got butterflies, I couldn't think. Later on in the day my photographer would mention to me that I seemed nervous, which was out of place for me because she always sees me as being so confident and out going. It's the truth. I got unbelievably nervous. Not cold feet kind of nervous, but just an unexplainable nervous. I remember thinking, "Is he going to like my dress?" "Is my makeup too much?" "What's he thinking???" I wanted so desperately to meet with him before our first look. A first look before the first look.
But when I saw him standing by the lake, waiting for me, all of my nerves melted away and I walked out to meet the amazing man who has stood by my side through everything we've been through. I know this man will be by my side for the rest of my life.

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