Our Wedding | The Barn

Before we get to the reception, I wanted to share how beautiful our venue was. We didn't go out and rent a party barn, we used a family friend's real working horse barn. If you could have seen this barn when we got started. 20 years of dirt and sand, maybe more years of spiderwebs, and poop. Of course there was poop in the barn. Endless amounts of elbow grease went into transforming that barn we walked into, into the barn our reception was held in. If I had a before and after shot, you wouldn't believe me that it was the same place. We have our friends and family to thank for that transformation. Will's mom and me brushing cobwebs, Will's sister helping to mastermind and transform the barn into a venue (and smelling like vanilla while she sprayed to keep the gnats away), Will's aunt Lisa designing and arranging our "non-flower" flower arrangements. Friends coming to help way into the night, Will's dad cutting up a fallen tree, Mr. Bub bush-hogging. We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!

Our reception was everything I could have asked for (and I did ask for a lot of it.) No joke when I say that the chairs came from everyone's kitchen tables we knew. They made a hay couch...a couch out of hay (actually they made two, a sectional inside, and one outside.) Nearly every decoration came out of my house, a family members house, or a friends house. We had more borrowed than we knew what to do with, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every detail of our reception told a story...except the bar. The bar just made people happy. If we could go back and do it again every year, we wouldn't change a thing. We'd just send out invitations and celebrate at our reception over and over again! It was beautiful and the absolute most fun!

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