Teespring Review

So, what exactly is Teespring? Teespring is a crowdfunding platform for groups, causes and communities to design and sell custom apparel. Anyone can come and design a shirt which they can then sell via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else online. The seller keeps all of the profit the shirt earns. People use Teespring as a fundraising tool or just to earn some extra money. The best part is the shirts don't print and ship until a set end date determined by the seller.

Whether you are trying to raise money for a school event, a project, or a charity Teespring is a great platform to help you reach your goals. They require absolutely NO commitment up front. (Seriously, NONE.) There are no hidden fees and they don't ask you to supply them with your credit card information. All that is required of you is to launch your campaign! Well how is this even possible?" Teespring makes a flat fee per each shirt sale versus a percentage of your profit margin.

From there, they have made the process so incredibly simple. The design tool has thousands of options for you to choose from, or you can upload something you've designed yourself/had designed. After you've uploaded your design, you can select the color and type of tee you'd like your design printed on. Teespring will then help you set up your goals with the estimated profit. You'll then be prompted to put together your informational page for your campaign. In no time your campaign will be launched and you can start promoting it! If you're raising money for a non-profit, Teespring will work with you to put a pretty "verified campaign" button on your campaign page. This shows that 100% of your proceeds will be donated directly the non-profit.

I put together my own campaign to help raise money for No Kid Hungry. I contacted Teespring to verify my campaign and they were so prompt to respond, extremely helpful, and very pleasant to work with. I have been very pleased with my experience with Teespring thus far and look forward to following this company! Admitedly, I've had just as much fun looking at some of the amazing designs and charities that work with Teespring as I've had using Teespring! Great experience all around.

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