Trendy Gifts with Personal Creations

Our friends over at Personal Creations recently put together a post showcasing three essential elements to learn and live by when it comes to gift giving. They called it The Three P’s of Great Gifting! Pay Attention, Personalize, and Presentation. Now we're going to take their inspiration and help you stick to their three P system when it comes to trendy gifting.

I would classify myself in the "good gift giver" category. I typically spend weeks, if not longer, planning out gifts for everyone. I always think about things like "can they use this" "does this fit their decor" "will this be a memorable gift." I want to know that I gave someone something that didn't go straight to the re-gifting closet. I've also been the victim of those thoughtless gifts, the ones you just can't wait to return. I got married last April and I received eight crockpots. Three of which were the same exact one and one of which was used. While we appreciated all of our gifts, there was a reason why we didn't register for a crockpot, and that is because for the last nine years, we receive atleast two of them for Christmas. This is why paying attention, maybe the most important P, is essential. If you just pay attention to what people want (or maybe don't want) you will be one step closer to being a gifting guru.
Now, as much as we don't need anymore crockpots, a friend of mine recently received a crockpot that had a vinyl monogram with their initials and wedding date, and I thought that was the sweetest crockpot I had ever seen. By hitting one of the P's personalize someone took an odious gift like a crockpot and turned it into something very special. (But seriously, lets stop with the crockpots. No one wants crockpots or pot holders...unless they have a pretty monogram.) Take a few moments and think about all the mundane items on someone's registry and pick something that you can have monogramed. Pyrex becomes so much more meaningful with an etched monogram! Personal Creations has hundreds of wonderful products for the home that can be monogramed to perfection; stoneware, galvanized beverage tubs, doormats, and even cutting boards. Nothing is trendier than a monogramed gift!
So now that you're paying attention and personalizing, you can't forget about that final P presentation. We're not all professional gift wrappers, but Personal Creations had a few awesome, and simple ideas. A brightly colored gift bag, a repurposed piece of fabric tied with satin ribbon, or brown craft paper, twine and some fresh flowers. Being a stationer, I know that the most important part of the gift giving process is a thoughtful, and handwritten card (preferably with a monogram.

When you take the three P's into consideration for the next shower, party, holiday, or just random event, you will be able to wow your friend's and family with your gift giving prowess!

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